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Many individuals often ask the very same question, and the answers may vary, depending on who you speak to. In short, BTS is a multimedia organization bringing to you not only hard to find information, but also bringing you the answers. It is an organization which works towards life management. In order to help you achieve your absolute best life-style outcome, the FOUR PILLARS were established. The Pillars consist a two fold repertoire: They consist of the education needed to understand how to achieve your optimal outcome, and also provide the resources necessary to achieve them. 

 The Mission

BTS has only one mission: To provide life-changing information to individuals who are seeking knowledge and wisdom that has been lost for centuries, millennial, and more.



The Cast

    • The NOVIE
    • ELLE-1
    • LUNA 9
    • MOTHER


1) Life Management

After understanding world economics, the common sciences, thousands of self-help books, and researching psychological warfare and theology, BTS arrived to the conclusion that the reason individuals were/are not able to achieve their life goals, is due to the complexity of our social and educational structures. It is only recently, thanks to the ability to analyze information from several points of collaboration, that understanding the Art of Humanity (or the Art of Achieving a level of happiness) is now available. In order to achieve happiness, several ratios should be accomplished. These sciences are not available to public education. BTS explores plausibility.

 Below are several lists of categories:

sciences- chart

2) Provide Basic Services


  • Education
  • Living Now
  • Cafe Vuja Vuja
  • T.A.F
  • URHealth
  • BTS Cast




  • Education
  • Self-Help
  • Eso-Life
  • Awareness
  • Stress
  • More




  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-Aging
  • Personal Coaching
  • Sales




  • Home based Business
  • Coaching
  • Start-up Cost $10.00


3) The Mind/ Body/ Spirit Complex

mind body spirit complexEach mind/ body/ spirit complex is a unique portion of the One Creator.

There is a dimension in which time does not have sway. In this dimension, the mind/ body/ spirit complex is in its eternal dance of the present which may be seen in totality, and before the mind/ body/ spirit complex which then becomes a part of the social memory complex is willingly absorbed into the allness of the One Creator, the entity knows itself in its totality.


4) Natural Wellness

isotonix 1

Market America

BTS uses extensive information from Market America who has been a long time advocate company of personal health. Market America's Unfranchise Business is a proven plan with clear vision and strength, enabling Independent Shop Consultants to earn residual income, which can lead toward financial security. Built on product and powered by people, Market America ensures stability, profitability and most importantly, longevity through product brokerage. Unlike many niche companies that live or die by the success of one product , we're able to offer a variety of products and brands across numerous multi-billion dollar markets. From health to nutrition to cosmetics, weight managent to home and garden, we will always produce the most popular products.

Market America introduces Isotonix: The world's most advanced Nutraceuticalisotonix opc 3

Market America's Isotonix supplements are scientifically-advanced formulas designed to give your body the maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals. Isotonix offers a complete array of products designed to fit your needs. Through maintaining your health through diet alone of digesting food efficiently and comfortably, Isotonix can assist with just that with the world's most advanced nutraceuticals. From advanced multivitamin supplements to our digestive enzymes supplement you can promote your body's natural ability to break down food so nutrients can be absorbed.  

BTS URHealth: Helping You Choose the Right Nutrients

URHealth Department is a team of individuals that are ready to assist you with your ability to choose the arrangement of nutrients that's right for you. You can even order and have a free consultation with any three of the BTS Cast Members: The Novie, Luna 9, and ELLE-1.

Team Novism: Make Money in Your Own Home
Team Novism is a group of associates that work with you to enroll in a home based business of providing Market America's  Isotonix Nutraceuticals to others, while making a profit right from your own home. 

ELLE-1 photoLuna 9 photoNovie photoSee Team Novism for more details.

 5) The Amuechi


plausible fictionAmuechi is the name given to an extended educational system that uses 98% state of the world findings and presents them in a narrative for learning purposes. It is a science fiction approach for learning concepts and state of the world opinions and analyses from world wide news organizations. The Amuechi, however, is designed to contain 2% fiction and is told "Based on a True Story". It allows for what BTS terms as plausible fiction

As you may already know, there are several streams of information causing serious concerns throughout the world at this time. Items from health and government, which affect all the citizens of Earth, to religion and the paranormal, which border on the edge of science and religion. 

The term plausible comes into play due to ALL things being considered a plausible truth once all of the cross references are obtained and placed into certain perspectives. The fictional setting is that of Cyberstation Tokyo and the state of affairs with DV (Darkness Virus). However, even the Darkness Virus is derived from Esoteric Findings that far date the current Esoteric Knowledge of the Bible and the Koran.

The BTS Team is a highly educated staff that brings to you the plausibility of certain untold truths, if all perspectives are met. This provides the platform for discussion of assisting individuals to become aware of certain findings and bring forth possible important ideas that may be discovered within secret or hidden agendas for the purpose of education.

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