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Born in Montreal, QC Canada I quickly migrated to Quito, Ecuador with my mom while I was still a child. I was raised in a moderately wealthy family whose views of the world were stuck in perspectives and unchanging patterns due to the severely condensed associations that were encountered before me. I recall going to an all-girl uniformed Catholic school, remember my finca, with its own personal forest and maids of my own. My mom at the time was a Ponds sales woman, mostly a stay-at-home-mom, and my dad was in the large business industries.


I was always very fond of music and art, and before moving at the age of 8 I had already taken sculpting and balley classes, indulging in the wonders of the world of art. Later on I picked up the violin, and the rest of the instruments followed, including my voice. 






home-business-office-2Since the creation of my plan to move into greater realms of understanding and expanding into awareness began, it's significant to take a moment and contemplate where I have been these past twenty-something years and what has happened in between all the commotion and becoming of the past and the present, since learning has always been an ongoing aspiration for me.

Let's begin with some things I hold great zeal for: The arts, self-improvement, and helping others make their lives better. Are these still my dream? Absolutely! Although there have been quite a few more specific additions to my list of passions over time that I would like to learn and ultimately become, I have as of now accomplished my dream to be open and creative, by helping to create and manage this website, the courses, the videos, and the commentaries, resources that will lead others to reach their own full potential. I can definitely say wholeheartedly that I have reached the holy grail of jobs here. Now that's pretty cool.

While I have had many hobbies, with some prevailing through the years and some diminishing in time, the concept of curiosity and seeing what else is out there (and what else I could do to become better) remained a constant for me. Although I focused more on my strengths from painting to playing various instruments as my majors and chose specific courses of studies that would lead to what I thought was my dream job, the task was always the same: managing and organizing, running things and building things, planning things and following through.

Since high school, I was placed in jobs that dealt with managing, planning, socializing and organizing events, from theater to orchestra to community art programs to art shows, to hosting artistic seminars. Website building, writing, editing, photography, drawing, animating, cartooning, sculpting, and facilitating by assisting my peers came along with the given realm. As a matter of fact, I would have to say that from there is where I developed the skill to pay attention to detail without getting the notorious tunnel vision. Add in the creativity, humility, ardor for improvement, the ability to evaluate and take inventory, revise, rewrite, redo.



luna 9 with bunnyAfter studying and researching the psychology, culture, and thought paradigms of the human race through school and my own research and collaboration of others, I found that a relationship based on sharing and giving, rather than one based on interest, is the best kind of relationship to have with anyone. Even when we don't know it, be mindful that we are always sharing and giving to others at a constant rate. Once you live in the state of knowing you have everything, then you do not search for someone else in order for them to give you something you feel you are missing. It is all within the flow of reciprocity.

At one point I stopped for a moment to think, Where am I to go next, what am I to do? Bursting with enthusiasm with all of this dynamic and stimulating talent, I came to find that the best way for me to actively utilize and enhance my skills as well as learn new ones, was by providing professional training for academics, businesses, and life coaching of course. And let me tell you one thing. I feel so thankful and appreciative to all my mentors who took the time to assist me and in effect helping me along this path because they saw the potential in me and everyone else they met and were patient enough to allow me to grow and expand into who I am and who I chose to continue on becoming.

Another discovery: I'm nobody. Really. This just means that while I do have a repertoire of education, experiences, likes, and dislikes, I do not identify with any of them. In being nothing, I am also everything, it's a simply complex concept. This is actually a big relief and came from years of applying (and still applying). Quite simply, it means that I can be whatever I want to become...and I am always becoming. Since we are interactive creatures, it makes sense that we interact and explore together rather than living in isolation and solitude--hence the reason that I always strive for friendship first. This is done through understanding the person, situation, emotion, and event, rather than reacting to it first. If I had to give these concepts a name or term it would have to be Fear and Separation vs. Light and Love. So my years of studying human interaction taught me that the best kind of interaction one can have is one based on giving and sharing love. Love? Yes, love, the unconditional kind!












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