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The DynexSM Project

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Join the millions of entrepreneurs who can now say they have their own show online and get paid. So why is our program any different?

...Well, maybe because it's like owning a franchise rather than just borrowing a product.




Why is the DynexSM Project Opportunity Different?

The DynexSM Project combines e-commerce, the ability to sell products and services from any major store. 

  1. You will get your own series of websites that allow you to advertise the products that best represent you and your way of life. And don't worry, the websites are easy to use.
  2. Your clients will receive real cash back from the purchased items that you decide to sponsor. This encourages them to purchase more, because who doesn't like cash back?
  3. Your site works for you. Your clients will be able to access gift cards, promotional products, hot deals, and other services once they register. Now that's a way to make your customers feel appreciated!
  4. You will be able to keep up with your customers in the backend of your website and keep them up to date on the latest deals. This takes the tricky question of "But how do I keep up with customers?" out of the equation. 
  5. More...

Quick Look at Your Other Benefits:

 A Business within in a Business

  • Unique franchise benefits
  • Free Mentors 
  • Step by Step Guide 
  • Build a Financial Safety Net
  • Build a Network of Affiliates and Build Residual Income
  • Checks are paid every Friday
  • Business plan and compensation




  • Choose from millions of already known products
  • Choose from Core Products
  • Choose from Core Services
  • No Middleman
  • No inventory
  • YouTube cannot take percentages from your earnings




  • Build a Side Career
  • Work from Home
  • Residual Income
  • Take your business with you



How can we be more profitable than even YouTube Monetization?


Let's give you an example of how profitable it can be. 


If you don't know what YouTube monetization means, hang tight. We'll get to that in a minute.


Our method is not only more profitable but better designed for you to be able to expand with up and coming growth of your business. Once more, you are not dependent on someone else's website or affiliate program in order to make you money. Want extra security? If and when your social media channels deem you unworthy and decide to stop monetizing your videos, you can continue making your content on your social media and make your own money without their support. If you decide to leave social media altogether, you can convert your affiliate program into a full business by using its products and services as a means to have a smooth transition into another career. 

If moving products or starting another career is not what is in your court, take a look at this example below.



YouTube 001

YouTube Example 

According to YouTube, they pay the traditional method of Parts per Thousand (CPM), a method which more and more people are thinking as outdated.

Most people think that YouTubers get paid on the total amount of views they get per video. Not so. YouTubers get paid for ads that are clicked on or watched either before or after your social media video begins. If the ads are skipped, then generally no money is made.

...This is why most people on YouTube go for getting as many subscribers as they can. More subscribers mean more views, and more views increase their likelihood that the ads will be watched all the way through.

But this can take time...






  Our Example 

Our Example, The DynexSM Way:

Let's say that you have only 10,000 subscribers. Let's also say you launch a video and advertise one product, and only 15% (.15) of those 10,000 subscribers buy the product. That's about 1,500 viewers or subscribers.

  1. For this one product, it retails at $71.95.
  2. The cost of the product at the distributor cost is $54.75.
  3. That means that you would earn  $17.20 retail profit.
  4. So ( 1,500 viewers x $17.20 ) = $25,800 total profit



Earn Big, Bigger and BIGGER:

Traditionally you only get a small commission when you are selling from an affiliate program. This usually requires time and hard work for a profit you may not even get, depending on the numbers, the product itself, etc.


Earn Exponentially:

  1. Earn Max Retail Profit: You earn a retail profit on items that you sell like the $17.20 mentioned above for the one product.

  2. Profit + Commission: You will also earn Business Volume on each product that you sell. When your Business Volume reaches certain levels, you will receive another stream of income for the same products.

  3. Profit + Commission + Group Commission: Let's say that you invite a colleague onboard to work with you. You can now actually earn 100% of the business volume created by you and others on your team. Talk about synergy!




Remember You Are Humanity's Last Hope

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Best Fitness - We Know What You Need

Weight Loss / Muscle Maintenance:

  • TLS - Transitions Lifestyle System 
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  • Vegan or Whey Super Protein Powder
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  • Meal Planning

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Super Isonotix Supplements

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Energy Longevity and Power:

Take a look at our best picks for enhancing your energy

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OPC-3 - Cleans up the blood flow, creating energy

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The Shopping Annuity

Make Money Just Shopping




Shop for the things you already love!

  • Register for Free
    • Earn Cash Back (1 income Stream)
    • Save Fuel
    • Delivered to your home 
    • Tell a friend and get more Cash Back 

  • Start a Shopping Annuity - (up to 4 Income Streams)
    • Earn Cash Back - (1 Income Stream)
    • Earn Commissions - (2 Income Streams)
    • Tell Others - (3 Income Streams)
    • Build a Career - (4 Income Streams)

    • Free Training
    • Free Business Mentoring

  • Social Media: Learn to Self-Sponsor

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