Luna 9 decided yoga was a very important part of her life because it has an ability to heal the body without limit, and is a practice that is accessible for ALL bodies. Yoga is typically perceived as an athletic practice of turning yourself into a pretzel. This turns off many potential experiences of the vast benefits of this healing modality. Yoga has become very popular in America, with the majority of classes offered being Ashtanga or of a similiar Power Flow variety, but this is just one example of yoga being applied as a practice. It doesn't matter if you are extremely agile or can barley walk and turn your head. Starting with where you are at and helping you connect with your own body and mind while cultivating an attitude supportive to a high quality of life is essential for healing, and your healing is TOP priority!


Why Yoga? - Interview excerpt with Luna 9

 " Yoga stretches my muscles and makes my back feel stretched out and allows me to release any tension that's been built up from bad posture, sitting long hours and overall life. It helps me to bliss out, and brings me back into balance with my true nature; a sub-consicous feeling of Breaking Free. Yoga connects me to myself and others and the stream of BIG energy. When I allow myself to relax, my yoga flow lasts all week long! "

"I've practiced different varieties of yoga and one of the things that I value the most is the connection to the present in a balanced state of being that I am able to acknowledge and create with the assistance of deep breathing and release. For anyone who has tried it or is a regular at it, you'll come to find that yoga gives you more energy, which to me is important because there are times when I need more than just a couple cups of coffee! And not only that, it allows me to learn and understand my body and the positive energy it emanates, keeping me feeling young and strong. Besides helping me s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, it teaches me that my Breath really is my Beloved; practice yoga and you'll see what I mean! Yoga makes me strong on and off the matt, and through the stretching and lubrication of my body and muscles it makes me in effect more aware of life again through the process of better circulation and more oxygen intake. Filling me with joy, peace and relaxation, it teaches me to be in the moment and to "breath" and have an overall better attitude that I carry with me through the day."

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