Love of Nature

Love of Nature


To use nature solely for economic profit, according to Muhammad and Jesus, is to miss the point; Nature herself is a dimension of the gift of God's love to us. To make of nature an object to be used in those manners, is to distort the graciousness and beauty contained in the meaning of existence. Hence, nature is to be enjoyed, cherished, reverenced.


Accordingly, one of the contributions the religious traditions can make to the increasing technologizing of the planet is an ethic of enjoyment, and reverence for its own sake. 
To take joy in, and delight in caring and keeping a world in which we can learn and grow in wisdom is one of the roles i place myself in gladly. 
There is indeed, irony in the fact that we have to learn all over again how to enjoy those things that children seem to have such a spontaneous relationship with: dirt, grass, dandelions, cats and dogs. So it seems, that to heal the child within, we must return to the garden. 
The Muslim and Christian saints call this transformed state wakefulness. It is a state of enlightened attention whereby the realities that exist all around us all the time become realities with which we may deepen and enjoy our world.

Rumi portrays wakefulness thus:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.

Enjoying nature is not just a weekend activity, or a one week family vacation. It is a way of being and doing that pervades everyday life. Enjoyment, like praise, is one of the most beneficially healing and naturally occurring states (again, children and beasts can teach us). 
To bring such a state of creative seeing into our home and offices, schools and farms, has indeed changed me from a simple user into an appreciator and an observer.

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