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We Can Only Show You the Way

Welcome to the iNet Community!

We are a group of volunteers with only one mission. To help you achieve Wellness, Financial Stability and Independence so you can do what you like when you like. This is why we have the platform: For you to get ahead of the game with No Gimmicks, No Pressure. It just is. We leave the driving up to you. We can only show you the way. So which pill would you like today? The Red Pill...or the Blue Pill?

We have about 200,000 individuals that were just like you, who are now willing to assist you to achieve your dreams. 

No Competition, Just Success.


Assisting you with a platform and support for Affiliate Marketing.

Now, truth be told it might be wrong to say we are "just another" Affiliate Marketing support team. We are like Affiliate Marketing's even greater version! So you've come to the right place if you're willing to explore the opportunity to make money through an enhanced version of Affiliate Marketing.

But what makes us special? Why is our system so much better and so well refined? To start, we've fixed the problems with networking online, direct sales, Affiliate Marketing, and online monetization. We are also the only system with a safety net.

 We also show you how you can change your spending and convert it into earnings. Our company also has products and services that come with superior training, courses, and mentoring. This way you can be sure that your success is achievable as long as you apply yourself.

This is What Makes Us Stand Out Above the Rest. 





 Join Us

 Connect entrepreneurs together and create synergy.

Call it a Recession-Proof Sub-Economy. 
How do we do this? 

We Provide a Safety Net: Get guidance to not only get started but to continue the momentum.

Proven System: We follow a proven system of building your business that has been going strong for over 25 years!

Resource Guidance: 

    Getting Started Guide: There are millions of resources out there to advise you on Affiliate Marketing. But where do you start? Not to worry--we've got you covered. We have a comprehensive guide to start your business, with practical steps to apply immediately to get results.

     A Proven System: For over 25 years, we have been adapting to the market (both online and locally) by being able to follow a proven standardized system that tells you how to go about doing your business. You can avoid the common pitfalls others have had to struggle with for many years before they get the gist of how to make money online.

     Exact Resources: We have resources, seminars, and local strategizing meetings in order to create great team alliances, removing the need for competitive networking.

     Product Knowledge: By understanding your products and services, you're able to have intelligent conversations about your products and services with clients or fellow entrepreneurs. If you're doing product reviews with confidence, you can bet you (and they) know what you're talking about. We get you to the point of confidently knowing about your products (don't worry, it's less time consuming than you think)!

Online Marketing and Social Media Income Streams:

    Brand Yourself, Not the Company: Your name is important. It's not just about representing someone else's name. This is the most overlooked item in the affiliate/direct sales field and even in network marketing. It used to be that once an individual trusted you and purchased a product, you were left out of the big picture because these customers ultimately went to the company, not you. Well, not anymore! 

    Online Monetization / Self-Sponsoring: When you have 9,000+ products and then a few top-of-the-line services that you can promote, it's really hard to run out of options. Did we mention that we have partnered with over 40,000 + Partner Stores that you can also earn from and use as another stream of income? It would almost appear that you will need to go shopping for your very own red cape because you can be the hero to that customer.

Social Media:

     Sharing is Caring: Let's address the stigma of salespeople and sales in general. Most people who see the benefit of sales and extra income run into the dilemma of thinking they have to be like a shark to sell anything to anyone. You know the story, because we can all say we've been harassed by a pushy salesperson wanting desperately for us to buy that one thing or service that we really don't need. We all know how it ends, too: We usually gave in to that pushy salesperson just to have them leave us alone. So when the bright idea of selling and recommending products or services comes to mind, we wince at the thought of becoming that pushy, desperate salesperson.

It does NOT have to be that way at all.

You can produce a significant income stream just by sharing your know-how. In other words, let's save your friends and family from buying the wrong things. We know that you care about keeping your integrity with everyone you are going to speak to about your product or service. With you having first-hand knowledge and training, you can help by sharing your knowledge and let them decide if you are a value to online communities. We have all of the best products and services everyone needs to have in order to create a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. How do we know? Because of 25 years of doing the right thing and taking the time to know what everyone needs. If they don't need it - we don't make it.

Super Benefits: 

When you know what to do correctly, you can get there faster.

And knowing what to read, listen to, and what meetings to attend to maximizes your learning, and saves you both time and money. This is called streamlining your business, which gets you to your goals faster. Talk about efficiency!

    Willable Assets: Unlike many other businesses or Affiliate Marketing programs, this one takes the guesswork out of whether or not you want to leave assets to your loved ones (or whether you even can). It allows you to participate in a standardized program for leaving willable assets all the way up to 3 generations. So your kids, your kid's kids, and your kid's kid's kids are covered!

     Early Retirement: We estimate that if you follow our proven plan, you can build a substantial residual income in which you can retire comfortably...instead of relying only on the ups and downs of the stock market, Social Security, or the pension they promised us 3 generations ago. 

More, More and even More: 

To truly understand this incredible system of entrepreneurship you have to get involved and meet the people. 


To learn more - register a free Meet and Greet with one of our highly trained online volunteers.


So what's making money online, how does it work, can it even be done? Click the next tab over. Just do it - it's Free!


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How Do You Make Money?

Affiliate Marketing is the ability to sell someone else's products through the use of a website, blog, video or Social Media.

Direct Sales is the ability to sell products directly to customers.

Digital Marketing is how we market or share products and services to others using digital resources.

A lot of people love numbers and dates. Because of this, they would love to know when Direct Sales and Affiliate Marketing or Social Media began. The fact is...when you take away the tools, (catalogs, websites and so on) then the only thing left is how you get paid. Direct Sales and Affiliate Marketing have been around forever. The most recognizable entry for direct sales was in 1855 by Reverend James Robinson. He came up with the idea to train young men to go door to door selling products. Well wouldn't you know it, 164 years later this company is known as Southwestern.  So why do we mention it? So you can stop being scared about it!

Have you heard of a copycat? When something or someone is successful, someone watching will want to copy it, right? The copycat takes an idea and then tries to make it better. As a result, we have a great deal of variety in how we sell products that have evolved over time.  This is called Progress and Improvement.



Although people are still buying stuff (and more stuff), the way we deliver and store that stuff has changed. Also, the way we make William Shakespeare Skull Sarah Baird 1899 Hamlet 62850our stuff and buy our stuff has changed. Most importantly, the way you find out about stuff has changed. Today technology has allowed us to find stuff everywhere. And since we watch less TV and listen to less radio, those ads have gone down in their value. 

The Industry that creates the wonderful things that we want and need are now faced with a very serious problem of competition. Today we find our stuff by using social media channels and listening to other people review them.

This is called Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce (e-commerce).

Enter Onto the Stage Affiliate Marketing.

In a way to make e-commerce work well, stores took some of the advertising money they would normally use for TV and radio and decided to pay people that could influence others to purchase their products. From there came the creation of small web pages online that introduced their products and linked back to the original store. Product and service reviews were also were introduced in web pages.


Alas My Poor Facebook, I Knew You Well!

Facebook was originally developed for college students to be able to share information, pictures, and files together. Soon Facebook developed into a powerful platform for the Empire of advertisement, where the old ways of the Republic soon were forgotten. Google followed suit. The influences began to create algorithms that could match an advertisement to whatever group or content you were talking about. The use of cookies was downloaded to your computer to help you find more stuff. But this time it was stuff that you wanted. How did they know? Because you said so through your online searches and browsing. And you were happy because they gave you a cookie.

In today's market, you can use almost any social media channel, start talking about what you like, and make a sale. And the world is a better and brighter place because all you're doing is sharing what you like with others. They click on a link and presto, you make money while you sleep.

But there are issues with Affiliate Marketing that make it frustrating and hard to make money. Even though the systems were upgraded, the way of doing business with each other was not. There was still separation and competition--until we came along and removed the peer to peer competition.


To be Sponsored or To be Monetized? - That is the Question:

Let's get back to the copycat idea. Today you can join many copycat organizations, either in affiliate marketing or direct sales, or both.

They all tell you how you can make money online by building a website and then attempt to teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.


Social Media has also spawned a new superstar - YOU!

This means that you can now access Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and countless other sites and just talk about your life. Advertisers got wind of this and decided that paying YOU a portion of the money to advertise their products for them would be a benefit to both you and the advertisers. You've seen it before: Someone on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., will rave and rant about how they love a certain product, then tell you where to go to buy the product. This is called being sponsored, and anyone who has a substantial audience and a way to broadcast about products or services can usually get sponsored. 

Those with YouTube channels had an even better advantage because Youtube decided that if you had enough people watching your videos, they could collaborate with advertisers and play ads either before, during, or after your videos. This means that when there is an ad playing on your videos AND someone clicks on it, you will then earn a very small commission. This process is called monetization. 

Many people have found lucrative streams of income through both monetization and sponsorship. But over time, as many people get word of these methods of making money and it became more popular, the amount of money you could make became smaller and more difficult to get.

So where does that leave you? If you've tried it out yourself and it wasn't successful, or you heard stories about how sponsorship or YouTube monetization doesn't work, you're a bit more cynical and frustrated with the system.

You can save yourself the frustration and lost time and take the next step into enhanced Affiliate Marketing. We can show you!


Ready to get started? Click here to arrange a Meet and Greet with one of our highly trained volunteers!




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Keeping it simple and fun!

We realize that you’ve already heard that starting a business costs money.

Just look at these facts:

Filing For Your Business: The cost of getting your business name registered in the United States is anywhere from $50-$400, after all the local fees are met.

Most affiliate marketing, social media gurus, or direct sellers don’t even register as an LLC with their local states. Often these small silos are not as lucrative.

Cost of a Franchise: Franchises normally start at $10,000-$15,000 dollars just as an initial start-up fee.

  • A Wendy’s can cost you $25,000 for an initial fee, and requires $500,000 in liquid capital.
  • A Burger King franchise can cost you $50,000 for an initial fee, and requires a total investment between $316,100 and $2,660,600.

Other Costs: Then there’s the cost of insurance, employees, equipment, materials, and advertisements.

Getting Notices: Then there can be the costs of your website, business cards, flyers and advertisements. When you are not well established this can be quite the task.

Getting the product to the Customer: Shipping, and other maintenance fees...the list goes on...


Old Fashioned VS In Fashion:

And all of this, just so you can join the ranks of the business world...where it is noted that 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first year.


Robert Kiyosaki was once was asked this question by a pessimist:

“If 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year, then what am I supposed to do?”


Robert’s answer was, “Create 10 businesses.”


10 Businesses vs 1 Business with 10 Streams of Income

In today’s digital marketing you can see why affiliate marketing, direct sales, and some of the other money-making methods online are very much attractive.

Because chances are you probably don’t have the time to create 10 businesses, much less invest so much money into one franchise.

But before you think that you can procrastinate to do this, in today’s world there is yet another issue on the rise: The issue of automation and Artificial Intelligence.


Can you afford to procrastinate? 

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are taking control: They say it is much better to choose to change rather than be forced to change. It is true that most of retail selling and services are going online. Artificial Intelligence is taking over a lot of factory jobs as well as white-collar jobs. Doctors and lawyers are among the targeted in these fields. It is estimated that in the next 12 years, between 400-800 million people could be displaced by automation.

So when you consider that most of these jobs are going online, it’s very important to us that we can keep your transition fun and simple.

In other words, catch onto the trend and embrace it before it forces you to make a change.

Could your skill or job be on the chopping block?


{tab=Why Us?}

Steps to Success:

Keep it simple! In order to be able to make any company or market work for you, you will need a few items:

  1. The ability to streamline it (simplifying it to make it more efficient or profitable)
  2. Creating a cohesive structure that runs well together
  3. Educating those that would like to make a financial difference in their lives
  4. Providing mentorship, guidance, and support
  5. Keeping maintenance and startup costs low
  6. Keeping profits high
  7. Making it duplicatable so others can follow

This might sound like a lesson for business marketers or CEO’s, but it is possible for you to take advantage of these strategies and make a profit yourself. How?

We Got You Covered:

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, iNet Community is your village! We may not be perfect, but we are perfectly dedicated. Remember, this is your business and your adventure into financial freedom. We are here to guide you, free of charge :)

  1. Meet and Greet: Before we even decide if you are right to have your own business, we meet with you in an informal interview to see what part of the business you would be good at.

  2. Take the Tour: We give you the tour of your business model so that you can see all of the options available to you, all without any commitment!

  3. Show You the Basic Plan: We show you the business structure that can take you into financial success, without, you guessed it, commitment from you.

  4. Registration: We take you step-by-step through your registration process.

  5. OnBoarding: Setup your online e-commerce websites.

  6. Tutorial: Get a walkthrough of your Back Office.

  7. Getting Started Guide: We go through your Getting Started Guide so you can know which courses to attend.

  8. Start your Safety Net: We show you how to convert your spending into earning.

  9. Application: Getting you started online with your business and start doing revenue-building exercises. 

  10. Networking: Get a feel from others just like you in the same community and doing similar things.

  11. Getting Started: Getting you started with a plan in hand: We go over a systemized, standardized set of instructions designed to build your business right from the beginning in practical steps.

  12. It is your Adventure: You get to master one of many different options or just keep it safe for as long as you like.

  13. Ongoing Mentorship: We continue to assist you in a team setting so you can not only hit the ground running but also continue the momentum.



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So what's the next step? Fill out the free consultation form! 



People Just Like you:


At Home:


Income: $166,000 Monthly

Meet Eli.

He worked as a legal secretary in a typical career based life. The job itself wasn't making him wealthy, but it was just enough to pay the bills and stay at the company. But after countless years of working this 9-5 job, he realized he still wasn't able to get ahead in life. After years of researching other careers, he finally came across an online solution! The best part? He brought his normal job skills with him as assets to becoming a huge success online! Now he is making Six-Figures income doing what he loves and helping others achieve their goals.

Eli says, “I’m glad my friends believed in me. Not everyone is as driven as I am, but if you have the drive, the opportunity is here! I’m now making roughly $166,000 every 4 weeks after 24 years of running my business. And with the small team that I manage, I have the opportunity to make 3 streams of income. At this rate, retirement is the last thing on my mind because this is way too much fun!”

blogger online writer

Social Media


Income: $243,600 Monthly

Meet Colleen. She started out in sales and then discovered the power of social media. Now she runs a large following on YouTube. For years she jumped from company to company, looking for sponsored partnerships. She tried to stay on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations on creative content, but it was exhausting. So she started to look outside the box. After finding us and becoming Self-Monetized, she gained her rights back to her creative freedom--and tripled the amount she was making compared to traditional sponsorship! Now she can call herself an internet entrepreneur.


Colleen says, “I love my job, I always have. Having a place I can call my online portfolio makes me feel like the luckiest artist alive. But when it came down to making this my career, I ran into a lot of obstacles. I tried countless sponsorships because I was just looking for financial stability. And then YouTube started demonetizing people’s videos. I felt uneasy about where I stood with my supposedly supportive platform. After hitting my breaking point, I found DynexSM! Now I’m making Multiple Streams of income on YouTube without having to worry about Monetization. I can take my business online and offline. Now I can finally say I’m financially free.”





For Professionals


Income: $19,000 monthly (not including additional income from the profession)

Dr. Meddy went to school to become a chiropractor because he wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. He was even nominated for the Best Chiropractor of the Year Award. He always knew that the body needed more than prescription drugs.

Dr. Meddy says, “When I saw the science behind the high-quality nutrients, I started using them with my patients. It opened up another avenue of clientele, not to mention increased my business. It also allowed me another way to further assist my clients to become more empowered on how they can take care of themselves.

"I didn’t do the online thing. Instead, I focused on retailing products to my clients that could help them regenerate and heal. I worked with other individuals in the business, so I could have a network in order to enhance my learning. The amount of residual income I gained tied me over when I moved my practice from one state to another. Having residual income really helped my work without financial problems!”









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