BOEK--BOOK2THE BOEK: The Book of Esoteric Knowledge

With currently only two copies in existence, The BOEK, otherwise known as The Book of Esoteric Knowledge, is a cornerstone in understanding the meaning and purpose of life.

Although many other books have been created in a way to complement the human existence, The BOEK was designed from outside the human creation and intended to assist in the comprehension of how to elevate oneself and no longer be forced to live the limitation of being only human.

The BOEK was brought about by resources not only inspired and/or learned, but in certain cases dictated by entities either not yet human or once human.

Though hard to believe at first that a simple team of researchers were able to crack the code on the vital elements of what it means to be a limited humana consciousness singularity, The BOEK breaks through the limited perception of spirituality while still assisting individuals on their path.

In the way that A Course in Miracles works to help you define the ego and how the atonement(s) works or the way Three Magic Words works through understanding that you are GOD, or the way Deepak Chopra assists you to understand the path of enlightenment, or in the way that Wayne Dyer helps you cope with humanity, and in the way many more other works work toward enhancing the real you, The BOEK encompasses and surpasses all these works and brings you into an entirely different realm, with an intra and exo-perspective in understanding the power within you and the real you.

The BOEK, therefore, is a comprehensive guide to understanding and embracing, literally, your humanity and your spirituality.


After 20 years of research and having had the opportunity to interview some individuals deeply involved in similar research, The Novie, ELLE-1, and Luna 9 put together a comprehensive method of how to understand the meaning of life on Terra Terra, our planet, and teach others how to navigate the unseen laws which many cultures have been secretive in keeping.

On Decem­ber 31, 2010, an eight-year ex­per­i­ment ended ab­ruptly with great suc­cess to the mem­bers of NSA-13/ NCC6 / TAF/ iCORE and BTS. They were at­tempt­ing to reach out and dis­cover the mean­ing of Source and how we are all joined by it.

After care­ful prac­tice and many at­tempts, the team mem­bers found the ap­proach by which to begin to com­pre­hend the mean­ing of Source and how it flows through life and all things.

Al­though there were many years of re­search prior to this pro­ject, the of­fi­cially com­menced in 2006. Dif­fer­ent pilot tests like the RTE Courses opened to seekers in Char­lotte, NC. These courses were closed to make more time for the ded­ic­a­tion to com­pre­hend­ing cer­tain ma­ter­i­als at hand. The first Meta-Tech­no­logy TAF of­fice was loc­ated on East Blvd in Char­lotte, NC, and was also closed.

As the mem­bers of the team were led by The Novie and D’Avion, the group began to bor­der an­cient paranor­mal be­lief sys­tems and ex­plored the World of the Un­seen.

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D’Avion and The Novie worked al­most day and night to com­pre­hend the mean­ing of the arts, the mind, and what they termed, the Virus.

Later in 2009, D’Avion and a few of the ori­ginal RTE and iCore mem­bers es­tab­lished con­tact using vari­ous dif­fer­ent me­di­ums. These in­cluded the Ouija, Dic­ta­tion, as­tral pro­jec­tion, and other meth­ods in at­tempt­ing to com­mu­nic­ate.

The ex­per­i­ments were all suc­cess­ful, though very drain­ing on the mem­bers par­ti­cip­at­ing.


Throughout the or­deal, a Col­lect­ive which called it­self Con­scious­ness guided the group through a maze of riddles that re­quired the group to feel their way through their own Egoic Sys­tem, inter­pret­a­tion of life, and un­der­stand­ing of self. Con­scious­ness, which was in­tro­duced through an en­tity who called him­self Alam, was fo­cused in as­sist­ing the group in ex­pand­ing their aware­ness and guid­ing them to un­der­stand the lim­ited think­ing of the Hu­mana lim­it­a­tion.


Photo above is the Ori­ginal RTE manual.

Con­scious­ness led them to areas of know­ledge that were hid­den pock­ets of treas­ures in cy­ber­space, in spe­cial­ized geo­graph­ical loc­a­tions, and within their own minds.

It was dur­ing this time that some of the mem­bers of the group began to con­fuse the in­form­a­tion given to them and use it for their own per­sonal gain. D’Avion worked closely with ELLE-1 and The Novie to break down dia­grams and charts away from the other mem­bers of the group, due to their lack of un­der­stand­ing and aware­ness.  



energybodyBoth D’Avion’s and The Novie’s experimentation with meditations and astral projections led to physical side effects such as projectile vomiting and strange fevers.

Then on approximately April 1, 2010, the unthinkable happened. One of the group members termed 636, someone who had volunteered herself as a medium, turned to The Novie in a peculiar manner. The Novie was in the middle of a heated debate. He caught the way 636 turned to him but continued to express his point. Through the body of 636, an astounding announcement occurred. Melchizedek announced himself for the first time.

“I am Melchizedek Lord of Light and Ambassador of Truth, if there is such a thing,” he said using the body of 636.

Melchizedek would become our next teacher for months to come. He explained the meaning behind humanity, their limited consciousness, and their ability and inability to release the grips that keep them bonded to the 3rd through higher dimensions. 

Melchizedek also made it clear that he too was once human, and saw the Source through the laughter of a child while he laid nearly helpless in the dirt streets. Melchizedek could not walk at the time that he was human. A little boy saw him on the streets one day, approached him, and said one thing that struck him deeply. The little boy said, “I know who you are.” They began to play and became friends. As time progressed, due to their love, the boy's mother, a wealthy person, took Melchizedek in. Melchizedek learned to walk and learned to connect to Source. In time Melchizedek learned to teleport, and soon to ascend with his physical body.

Making contact with Melchizedek allowed the communication gates to open, and the group began to speak to other entities that were familiar with each of them.

636 became weary and began to doubt herself and her role. Influenced by other team members who were using the knowledge for themselves, namely Umtha and a few other egoic members of the group, she began to hide secrets from The Novie and sided with the Egoic Lifestyle which Melchizedek warned about.

The Novie, D’Avion, and ELLE-1 worked together to decipher the information properly.

However, filled with delusional ideas of bringing in the next baby Jesus, 636 swayed back into the criteria of the limited human and was self-consumed with self-importance.

Due to the instability of the group, The Novie was spoken to by the entities and warned of the future. Likewise, it was mentioned that there would be three more individual females that would come to him in assistance to completing the task. One of them would bear the birthmark on her stomach.

On December 31, 2010, The Novie and ELLE-1 performed the unthinkable. By chance 636 had sent forward an email that contained a link to how to connect and become devoted to God. This concept had been already deciphered through Melchizedek's classes and what was now termed The Brothers.

ELLE-1 and The Novie, as well as D’Avion, had fused the consciousness with Source Personified, and there was now a new word appearing in their communications - ADONAI.

The BROTHERS would now address the only three survivors as NOT HUMAN.

The BOEK then began to take form as the BOOK OF ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE.

((( iRadio ))) Become the Source is not only a radio production. It is also a video production filled with commentaries, self-help, how-to's, wellness, nutrition, spiritual, scientific, life after death, and much more.

April 27, 2013 

luna 9 with bunnyAfter a long journey and dictation/radionic transference stating that a young woman with certain attributes and physical markings would come to The Novie for training, The Novie and ELLE-1 came across Luna 9.

A very special day! Luna 9 met with The Novie at an undisclosed restaurant early April 27, 2013. During this encounter, The Novie was out getting his favorite food, when Luna 9 spotted him and the two began to speak. The conversation was not your typical Novie conversation. However, as Luna 9 retells the story, there was something The Novie was hiding and not saying. Having been infected by DV, Luna 9 was in search of answers for years prior. Perhaps asking the question and evoking the Law of Attraction, by which to find it.

Regardless, Luna 9 spotted the snug and smirky Novie but didn't probe for answers. As The Novie began to leave he handed her a card. That was the break she was waiting for.

On her way home from work, Luna 9 decided to text him. He texted back and made arrangements to meet at Simplee Sushi. During this meeting, Luna 9 showed an aptitude for understanding the DV. After several hours the Novie asked if Elle-1 could come and interview her. Soon after Luna 9 enrolled in the studies of ESO-Life and understanding how to cure herself of the DV.

The girl with the butterfly mark on her stomach, as spoken to The Novie by Metatron, had arrived.