The Shopping Annuity - It's like a business that's not a business.


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The Shopping Annuity

                                        "Get Paid for Shopping."


Let's face it, shopping is a necessity. It's part of our everyday lives. Whether it's related to groceries, our wardrobe, fuel for our vehicles, interior for our living spaces, cosmetics, and/or little knickknacks here and there--We...still...Shop! Whether we have the time or the money to support our necessities, there is still a need to shop. But shopping lately, for a lot of people, has become more of a hassle rather than a reward.

But what if there was a way to get paid to shop? And what if there was a way to get paid for others to shop, AND make multiple streams of income, just shopping...all while finding the best deals out there?

Did you even know that shopping can be a career choice? 

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The Shopping Annuity: 

  • is NOT a pipe dream
  • is NOT a get rich quick scheme
  • is NOT a  corporate job
  • is NOT a traditional business
  • is NOT an MLM


The First Step Into a Larger World

So what's the craziest thing you're going to hear about the Shopping Annuity? You're already doing one of the key steps it takes to be successful in the business and didn't even know it! You'll also hear that when you shop online, you're wasting your money if you're not part of the Shopping Annuity...but we'll get into that later. 

  • It has given many individuals the hope of having an extra income, replacing their income, allowing for a safe retirement, and even giving people the chance to invest in other ideas.

  • It has been the difference between life and death in the event of the extremely high cost of health care.

  • It has been the reason why nonprofits could earn an income so they could continue offering their services.

  • In some cases, people have opened their own nonprofit organizations so that they can be part of the solution instead of the part of the problem.

  • For most people, it has been an added check per week that can help them keep the lights going and the heat going.


Can I Make Multiple Streams of Income?

Yes, you can make multiple streams of income, and it's super easy too! With this business, there's no need for a degree, a lengthy resume, or even a lot of time to invest. With a minimum of two hours per week, you can create this residual income, and within good time!

In today's economy, the safety net of traditional jobs is shrinking. But for thousands of years, what made the wealthy people stay wealthy was a secret not usually taught in mainstream society. That secret was multiple streams of income, the idea of creating and relying on more than one source of income. If the multiple streams of income are residual, meaning they create income while you are not actively working them (like a job), then you have mastered the secret of the truly wealthy because you now have BOTH an abundance of time and money!

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Can I really shop for myself and make Money?

How much money?

Well, the short is Duh - Yeah.

The Shopping Annuity is part of a larger world. You register your business like you would a franchise and you start learning how to convert your spending into earning.

Is it that easy?

Of course not.

When you register your business you become part of a network of individuals that are doing the same as you are doing. You will be assigned a mentor to teach you how to run your business and you become economically connected to households. It is through this power of synergy that retailers pay the company that in turn allows you to earn an income. 

Is it that easy? Well, kind of.

Many other organizations such as non-profits, working individuals, college students and even some very famous celebrities are part of the Shopping Annuity. The company also gives you other incentives and career options for you to choose from, if and when you think this is too easy and you need a little more activity. Who can turn extra income, especially if it's easy money?

Have multiple sources of income. This opportunity allows you to earn multiple streams of income, such as:

  • Business Volume and Internet Business Volume on items you purchase on your web portal.

  • Getting profit on all items you purchase for yourself sold on your web portal (this is called the Shopping Annuity).
  • Getting profit, business volume, and internet business volume on items that others purchase on your web portal.
  • Getting business volume and internet business volume on items from other UnFranchise Owners that are in your business co-op.


 What do I get if I register?

  • The Getting Started Guide
  • The Career Manual
  • A multitude of video and audio training
  • Assigned mentors for your personal training (In most cases, we can find others just like you in your area where you can train.) 
  • Professional websites (including Microsoft Web Technologies) that assist you in tracking your spending


Oh! Did we tell you that you also get paid if someone purchases on your site? Well, now you know.


Is This Real Money That I Earn...or Just Credit?

This is a great question. The reason why is because you will be making real money. You will receive this money in the form of checks: You can even receive it through direct deposit, like a real job! You are eligible to receive checks every Friday. Every Friday our remarkable system checks everyone's personal progress and your economically connected team's progress, sums up the total profit, business volume, and incentive business volume, and receive money. 


Use This System to Your Advantage 

(The man has you by a leash...but you broke free.)

Most people have dreams and goals they would like to conquer, especially early on in life if they can--family, career, etc.

But being bombarded with never-ending payments, it's becoming nearly impossible for people to even take yearly vacations. Family traditions are being postponed or even called off because people need to work. Family time has become shortened, and relationships between children and parents are slowly vanishing. Why? Because of time. Why has time shortened? Because money has become more demanding and comes along with fewer benefits.

Many folks are in debt, whether it's college loan debt, mortgage debt, basic loan debt, and/or bad credit debt due to overuse of credit cards. This is actually very common here in America. A lot of people are not only trying to make ends meet, but they also work many hours, even overtime, just to save money to pay off their debt here and there.

The average debt takes Americans about 8-35 years to pay off. Quite a burden I would say. With this incredible system, not only can you eventually move from your current job into doing this full time and/or retire early (1-3 years), you can also pay off what you need to immediately. We are a binomial compensation program that is intended to work in 2 - 3 years, earning you up to $3,600* per week (or $187,200* a year). This means that you can actually retire from your 9-5 job sooner than you ever could in a 45-year traditional corporate job.

This is also a will-able asset, which means you can legally pass it down to your children for up to 3 generations. 

You also get potential tax breaks (tax write-off's). This includes Travel, Meals and Entertainment, Home Office, Car Repairs, the products that you buy, Gifts, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Cell Phone Bills, and even more. So that means...Save Your Receipts!!

Our system even has its own Debt Shredder. You really do get the full package! Save on your credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and other high interest, terrifying loans. This unique system offers enhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level.

  • Comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals.
  • Enhanced calculations to pay down debt.
  • Software settings that allow changes to how aggressively to pay down debt and build wealth.
  • Ability to pay down multiple properties at the same time.
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Personalized coaching.
  • Automatic account updates.
  • Helpful client support.

4 Cornerstone Principals to Eliminate Your Debt

  1. Interest Cancellation
  2. Strategic Payoff
  3. Time Value of Money
  4. Money Merge Account Software, Coaching, and Education system





Remember You Are Humanity's Last Hope

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The Shopping Annuity

Make Money Just Shopping




Shop for the things you already love!

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