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Do not chase the dream. Rather live it every day and as you build it, it shall become your reality.

-Luna 9

Luna 9 was a canadian-ecuadorian-italian artist known best known for her boldly-colored paintings and writing, as well as her respectable sales management  and building revenue  for BTS with Team Novism by using Market America and SHOP.com, URHealth, T.A.F, and The iNet Community.


Humble Beginnings - Interview excerpt with Luna 9


"I started cartooning at the small age of 6. I remember how I used to love to rip all of the paper off of my crayons, grab a pair of scissors and start shaving each crayon onto a sheet of white computer paper. Then, with the help of my grandmother, I would heat up an iron, fold my paper in half with the shavings on the inside, and go over the folded paper with the iron. I loved opening up my paper to see what crazy shapes had been created by my creativity. My grandfather used to tell me how I should become a cartoon artist, for I was very fond of creating stories in the style of a comic book. But my fascination for creating with my hands didn't stop there, for I found it quite fantastic that with my own two hands, I could make my thoughts come to life, through lines, colors and words. Around that age there were many things I had already heavily involved myself in, like coloring and sketching with my imagination as my guide. I remember my grand-ma even decided to enroll me in sculpting classes, where I sculpted an angel our of clay, and then got to paint the final product."


"The arts have always been a way for me to release. Whether the tool is a sketch pencil, sharpie, water color pencils, acrylic or oil paint, or words upon words on a sheet of paper, I have always explored the depths of my mind and through the eyes of a small girl, my journey began."





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The luxury of comfortability is but an illusion. In comfortability there is created a bigger ratio of possibility/probability for error. Never dwell in the past - learn from it, and propel yourself forward with a positive attitude and a centered core.

-Luna 9

Canadian-Ecuadorian-Italian artist Luna 9 was born in Montreal, Quebec on October 28, 1991, who later on moved and inhabited the city of Quito. In the 1990s, Ms.9 became a leading figure of artistic movement within her surroundings. Inspired by advertisements and comic strips and books, old films, music, poetry books and theatre, and science, Ms.9's bright, graphic and writing works parodied the esoteric culture and the art and marketing world itself.

Early Years

Luna 9 was born on October 28, 1991, in Montreal, Quebec,  the daughter of ecuadorian parents who lived in the city of Montreal. As a girl growing up on Quito's city and mountainsides, Ms.9 had a passion for both science and comic books, as well as the arts in general. She took sculpting classes before even reaching the age of 10. In her teens, she became even more interested in art, and began to dive into the worlds of creative writing. She took realistic drawing classes as well as painting classes at Northwest School of the Arts, which also allowed her to practice her calligraphy, and she took classes at the Honor Art Society between 2008-2010, which also included creative writing.

Following her graduation from the South Mecklenburg School of North Carolina in 2010, Luna continued on building on her illustrating portfolio as well as her story books and poetry. Her studies were interrupted upon her graduation which caused her to forfeit her Savannah Art Institute full-ride scholarship as a consequence of family matters. She worked at numerous retail stores for the time frame of 3 years.

luna-9-sketches-for-short-bookDuring her retail experience, Luna 9 stumbled upon The Novie, a published writer and tech-wizard. Luna befriended The Novie, who introduced her to Team Novism. On April 27, 2013, Luna 9 joined forces with The Novie and Elle-1 and as equal partners they began the building and creation of Novism SynergyAlliances Site 6 [NSA6]. She illustrated for one of D'avions short books, "The Short Book", as well as graphically design for the numerous websites of the business. She became an online radio personality with BTS [Become the Source] Cyberstation Tokyo iRadio and life-coached based on concepts that deal with real life, the Esoteric and the laws of attraction. At the Cyberstation in Tokyo, before commencing the second season of BTS iRadio, she became an IBO with Tempo Wireless and was able to provide phenomenal cell-phone services and deals to customers from all over the country, where the cell phone companyoffered the opportunity of allowing clients to get paid for simply using the service and referring others to the service, earning them the title "the company that pays its customers". Luna 9, along with Team Novism, discovered this opportunity so not only could they increase revenue for BTS, but also save clients money and allow them to earn residual income through the evolution of the Team Novism project.


"I drew cartoons and wrote stories all throughout my childhood. I'm sure some credit should go to my grand-ma and mom for letting me learn what I didn't enjoy, for they used to force me to copy stories to practice my penmanship, for at the time I attended an all girl catholic schools, uniform and all. Copying was never my style, I was not a fan of coloring within the lines and copying other's words without adding my own, apart from reading book for the enjoyment itself of course. Im my mind, the way I saw it, there were no limits.

In middle school and high school I took art classes, from painting to writing class, anything I could find that would enable my passions. I attented the Honor Art Society every year, religiously, you could say. I entered and won contests, and even sold my art at reasonable yet respectable prices.  I figured at one point that painting was something I could not live without. There was something about thinking that there were no limitations within a tube of acrylic paint. To wet the brush and dry it mildly again, only to dip it right back into the color of onces choosing, as it's hairs dance in the colors that would create the unimaginable. And then, captured! Captured, onto paper, or canvas. The paint, moved around as if trying to tell you a secret. Don't get me wrong by the way, I'm not saying that painting is my favorite thing to do, but a wonderful thing to do.

After attending art school and graduating from high school with a full profolio in hand of my favorite pieces, I decided to expand on my writing. I have always been a hopeful romantic, and poetry and threatrical-like stories have always been soft spots. The good news was that there were no signs telling me to stop writing and drawing and painting, but conceptually I was looking for something bigger."




"Within my mind through the galaxy forests I found the inspiration always from the love that I have learned and continue to experience. Without Love, there would be left no art needing to be recorded or created, for there would be no colors left to find. I wanted to share these passions of mine! I wanted to give them true life! Lucky for me, as I bumped into The Novie and Elle-1, I began the unleashing of wondrous adventures through colors and pictures, illustratons and stories, written down so they may never be forgotten, so that the stories of the Esoteric Love and the Imagination of Self may always live on."



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