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BrainSnax (S1E03): Scheduling Availability - [Carcast]


BrainSnax (S1E03): Scheduling Availability - [Carcast]



There are many parts of scheduling that are very important to an entrepreneur or someone starting a business. Number one: Do not expect other individuals to share the same excitement about what you're doing. There's a psychology that you can understand or grow to appreciate where the psyche of any individual is always or most often self-reflective. Allow me to explain.

When you're excited about what you're doing or a product or service that you're selling, that excitement revolves around information that you see as important. When you are approaching someone else, they may not see the same value or the same important features that you have.

So with scheduling, you have to build the understanding of why it is important to the other person - and then pause as a service provider or service giver. This allows the person you are speaking with to gain benefit for something that they want - and that's something that you want or you need. So there's a slight psychological approach to convey that idea which normally is a very nonchalant attitude towards what you're doing. However, this attitude cannot display laziness or overconfidence. So is this psychology? Perhaps. But it's still a very useful tool in trying to understand that by listening to the individual you remain calm, cool, and collected - but also very excited to provide a service - rather than being very excited to gain a customer or sale. That small point of reference can be a make-it-or-break-it deal and often not taught when you become an entrepreneur of your own.

Creating the Impression that You are the Expert
It's important that your clients or your customers have the ability to understand your expertise. However, you cannot do this by merely stating all the important facts of the product or stating all the important knowledge that you know about the product. This is called data dumping or knowledge vomiting. In a lot of ways, the person you're speaking to may not understand the language that you're using. So perhaps sitting back and listening very carefully to the person is better; this way, you can tailor how the product will benefit the person based on what they tell you.

One way of really being able to portray this confidence is to understand and realize that one customer is not going to make or break your business. Your business relies on small boosts over time. This is unlike selling a house, where depending on the kickback you're getting, might suffice for a month or two’s worth of income if you keep a low debt to income ratio situation. Most often you're going to have to sell multiple products to multiple people. This does not mean that the client standing in front of you at the time is not important. But it does mean that they're not the only person you're going to talk to. By sitting back and being slightly more nonchalant about it and making it more about a dialogue and understanding what the services are, you would be able to portray the role of someone who understands that you don’t have just one client in the world. This is an unlikely attitude that you're going to take away the sale. The sale is never to be taken away from your client or customer, otherwise you would be violating the structure of harvesting.