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Novism Synergy Alliances


Because the facts are sometimes not enough!


Who We Are
Novism Synergy Alliances (NSA-6) is an independent collaboration assisting entrepreneurs, self-starters, and individuals to achieve higher means of education, financial stability, and spiritual learning.

NSA-6 has innovation, products, people, a community, all backed up by a company who can do it all. With a proven plan for your financial success, we assist you in providing systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility and the opportunity to own multiple business locations.

NSA-6 has a variety of projects including "Humanity's Last Hope", a 12-year project in the making that was years ahead of its time.

The internet slowly created rich avenues of information gathering as well as business collaborations. As individuals with a higher understanding of Internet architecture in a digital age where the borders are the limits of one's imagination, we are experiencing explosive growth. No company is better poised to take advantage of the global marketplace than NSA-6, a pioneer in internet marketing with strategic programs in place for continued expansion.

A Little Background History


The word "Novism" is rooted in Latin for the meaning of always renewing, or the more common phrase of always becoming. NSA-6, in its original form, created multiple test markets in order to see and understand what would work for the general population wishing to seek higher involvement and empowerment of their financial situations, education, and spirituality.

In the Empowerment of the mind, understanding is the Key.



Novism Synergy is an Open Source Community. Our primary service of research and information dissemination is free, while our Phantom Force is able to make an income.

The sub-organization or alliances assist with information, materials, and financial backing through the use of what is termed The Phantom Force.

The Phantom Force consists of individuals who learn how to enhance their lives by learning how to become entrepreneurs, business owners, Intellectual Contributors, and become noticed in the mainstream media by assisting in the growth and expansion of NSA-6.

This synergy alliance meets the needs of the public and the people while establishing the Alliance.


Combining Forces to Prosper and Succeed:

We are here for those who are seeking out an opportunity to work for themselves and not by themselves. NSA-6 works with you to help you earn a better understanding of how to establish stability, profitability and most importantly, longevity through self-monetization and product brokerage.

We provide an array of different support systems including:

  1. Guidance and Training - audio, videos, private groups, etc.
  2. Alliance Agents to assist if you should have any questions or concerns
  3. Local Seminars - find a community in your area where you can find the support and information you need
  4. A full-proof system "Business in a Box" to assist you with the up-keep of your business.


Remember why you want to be successful. Know what's important to you. This is not a pipe dream, or a get rich quick scheme, a job, a traditional business or an MLM. This is a revolutionary online business with the synergetic power to assist you in creating multiple streams of income.

The answer is simpler than you think!

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