II. NSA-6 Mission

The Mission Statement:

Novism Synergy Alliances is working together with Become the Source (BTS) to bring you the ultimate experience in establishing a financial support platform. This is so you can achieve what you initially set out to do when you started your social media endeavors! You have stepped up to the door of Opportunity, and the means to establish financial independence awaits you, if you are ready.

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But first, thank YOU for taking the time.

Without people like you flooding the markets, The DynexSM Project may not have come to be the number one solution for individuals like you.

Today there are a lot of companies that are also attempting to reach out to the Social Media Communities so they can sell their products. However, we feel that no other company offers a more holistic and lasting solution than the DynexSM Project.


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Our Mission is Clear: We Have 3 Comprehensive Phases

1) Phase One:

To establish freedom of the arts. We do this by empowering individuals like you to understand and embrace the power between uniting together and financially establishing an economic bond.

The words sound profound, but once you understand that you are already doing everything you need to establish an economic co-op, you are going to love this new way of working. Working together in a unified way has generated more results, and made more history, than working in separation.

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The Difference is, Who Do You Work For?

Some people say they start social media careers on YouTube because they want to work for themselves. This is fine, except the system in place does not allow it. When you are doing your “thang” on your YouTube, you're working through the traditional pyramid scheme of financial wealth. For instance:

  • The people in charge, or "The Man" tells YouTube what other videos to show in a playlist or related video search before your segment comes on.
  • The Man then tells YouTube all the popup ads that they want your audience to see.
  • Then The Man tells YouTube how much they are willing to pay. And this is something where you the YouTuber get only a fraction of that profit.

Our sole goal is to empower you so you can be the MAN / WOMAN, helping keep and control the profit margins of the items you wish to use for yourself. This is what we call monetization. Best of all, we will be able to show you how you can achieve bonuses (additional money) on the same purchase.

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2) Phase Two:

To provide free success training from the ground up for individuals in Phase One. This is where we guide and provide the resources for FREE for those to be able to establish their own financial freedom through unified social media dynamic exchange. As the saying goes, we are not here to give you a fish. We are here to teach you how to fish for yourself. 

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3) Phase Three:

images 4To assist wherever possible for individuals in Phase One and Phase Two in order to maintain their goals on a long term basis.

We hope that by simplifying the procedures, we can achieve a Dynamic Exchange (financial co-op) for Social Media.

In doing so, we may be able to share success tips and tricks as a National Collaboration Center for all social media individuals to follow in your footsteps. This is where our website NCC-6 comes in.

The tools are set, and the giant financial institution has agreed to help us achieve your goals.

The Force is truly with you!


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