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BrainSnax (S1E01): Prospecting and Posture - [Carcast]


BrainSnax (S1E01): Prospecting and Posture - [Carcast] 

Agent: The Novie

Prospecting and Posturing:


Perhaps one of the most fundamental things about owning your own business, whether it's a multilevel marketing business, a carwash, or you're presenting something to someone for the first time, is how you posture yourself.

So, if you are following our course material, our blogs, or our online Amuechi, you'll notice a simple pattern that we follow which is attempting to help the individual re-establish themselves as a productive and viable member of society, no matter what society you claim to be part of.


First thing's first: you are human first. If you forget this rule, then you are like a lost puppy, wandering aimlessly. But you can't forget this rule, can you? Whenever you have an ailment you go to a doctor that allows you to enter his office for a small fraction of the cost of what it would cost you (hopefully due to some type of insurance), because he's a businessman and he cares.


At the moment you enter the facility, you remember that you are human first. If you would see someone else from any other race or culture or even your neighborhood be taken care of a little better than you are taking care of, I'm pretty sure you would notice and you claim that you have equal rights.

So trying to forget that you are human first is in truth an impossibility. The fact that you are human first is the first-level reality. Because we live in a world of great comfort, we get to choose how we act, how we want to express ourselves, and so forth, and we forget that we are human first.


Posturing is no different.

Posturing is a frame of reference in which you portray the actor or the person that you want to be with the person you are.


So most people are reactive, and that's the majority. Of course, there are mixed ratios. But we can discuss that in another course for another class. For the time being, most people are very reactive. Athletes train to understand that the reaction time matters. Real soldiers train to understand that their reaction time can save their lives and the lives of their group of people called the platoon or squad.

So in other words, you have to train your attitude, and your behavior, and your understanding of the situation, in order not to be reactive in a way that is detrimental to yourself.


Most entrepreneurs seem to forget that they are always being looked at.

Most often we look at someone on television, like our pastor, someone we look up to, even our parents, and we create a mixture of attitude adjustments in order to create what we believe in. Whether it's "fake it 'til you make it" or "This is who I am and deal with it", it is all the same thing. You chose to project your attitude onto others.


Posturing is when you project what you want someone else to see of you and you have an idea of an outcome due to the posturing that you have created.


Technically speaking, posturing is the way you pose something. And that is really all that the definition really needs in order for you to understand posturing.

However, we do not live in a very simple world where that's all you see. When something is postured, there is the mirror effect of the person watching you and how they'll behave.


I remember reading stories about a police officer entering a black neighborhood, and the children that were playing went to their knees and said "Please don't shoot me!" Let's talk about reality. The entire image of an industry also has a sense of posture.


Being a technical martial artist and an ex-military individual such as myself, my endurance and level of understanding combat are more than just a child's imagination. Even though the first impression will last a long time in the mind of a child, it is also the same thing as when you grow up. So your first way to posture yourself is important.


When you work on your posture you need to realize that it is not about you; it is about how you are being interpreted. Successful posturing is about assessing someone else to break through their biases and their fears in order to get to know what you want them to know about you.


So you have to wear the suit and tie and realize that some people enjoy the suit and tie and trust it, while others don't.

If you want to talk technical jargon, then realize that some people will enjoy and trust in technical jargon, while others will just be lost.


This is why companies such as multilevel marketing companies and other types of companies really benefit from social media. They know that you will stand up and speak, and they know that there are people out there that will want to listen to you. Not because you're special, but because they can identify with you and the way you posture yourself.


So what's the problem?

The problem is that when you posture yourself you are giving others an opportunity to judge you. And as we mentioned before in the examples, you will be judged by the many different platforms in many different belief systems.


As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that you need to have several different postures depending on the crowd you're going to speak to. You also have to realize that not everybody is going to like you right off the bat. These are the cold facts. There are certain things that you can posture yourself with, however, to help you grow and become a better person.


First of all: Don't be genuine. Wait...That's weird, right?

The problem with being genuine is that you're genuinely upset about a lot of things. You're genuinely trying to make a business work. You're genuinely upset at the way other people treat you. And you're genuinely harassed by your family's lecturing because you decided to do something different for yourself. So, don't be genuine.


Instead, consider the way you felt when you were compassionate to someone. Consider the way you felt when you're honest with someone, and the way they responded to you while you were actually working with that person. Become that person.


You'll need to know some techie jargon as well. You need to know your product and what it can do so that it is of the benefit of the person listening to you, and that they may understand and reach a positive conclusion that your product is good for them.


So online, sell products with honesty. Social media is about getting to know each other and explore new ideas and avenues. However, the crowd that you're dealing with is being genuine. In other words, they don't understand what it means to forcefully be kind because it is the right thing to do or to get out of the habits and bad behaviors that create self-sabotage.


Don't get me wrong. You and I are probably doing the same thing of self-sabotaging and we have our share of habits and bad behavior. However, this is not a two-way street.


If you want to be successful at a business, you have to know your product, be genuinely concerned about the people you're trying to help, you have to know your product, you have to be as honest as possible so that the people you do encounter can genuinely get to like you.


The reality is that people buy things from any place at any time depending on how they feel.

Another reality is you have (supposed) gurus out there, that are interested more in the money than they are in their reputation. Perhaps they don't know any better. Perhaps they are in the same right where they are genuinely upset about how people treat them, so they stopped caring. Don't be that person. In the long run, not being that person helps you build relationships.


If you don't know how to posture yourself, then ask yourself what are some of the superheroes that you identify with - and become that.


As a bunch of businesses seem to come to a close, whether it's because of the coronavirus, SARS, global warming, companies moving overseas, the robotics industry taking your jobs including those of surgeons, you have to ask yourself a really important question.

What are you going to do, and are you prepared?

Remember, you are humanity's last hope.