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Welcome to Become The Source:



5c13a7ed ef0a 4e19 af02 b7927d6589f4The mission of Become the Source is to help expose some of the more non-traditional methods of understanding how we are all one and how we can get along. One of the very many misconceptions in the idea that "we are all one" is that we all share the same ideas and thoughts. Not so. The truth is, the concept of "we are all one" is a very complicated idea. In fact, it is nearly impossible to trace and analyze. But we can come close.

Scientifically human beings are 99.9% alike. This is a good thing. Imagine going to the doctor and he had to examine you, and everyone else for that matter, just to find out where the lungs or the heart may be. Think of how difficult that would be if you were involved in a car accident, and he had to try and figure out your body make up in less than 30 minutes.

Luckily for us, we are really not as different as we perceive each other to be.

We all have a brain, which stores a lot of our information such as our personal experiences, temperaments, and so forth. Perhaps many of us have been comparing apples to oranges, so we end up calling it fruit. By this I mean yes, of course, we are all humans. However, why is it that we focus so much on that 0.1% of the difference between each other? For that matter, why is there so much war, chaos, divorces, anger, and likewise so many marriages, peace rallies, and harmony?

Well, The Novie, Elle-1, Lexi AI, and Luna 9 are prepared to find out and document it!



About the Cast:

AV The Novie AV ELLE 1 AV luna9 AV Lexiai3
Above Secret




About The Amuechi:

Though we cannot reveal the fullness of our Amuechi, we can tell you the following. 


An Amuechi is defined as a work of art that is primarily driven by research and facts that are attainable within history books, documentaries, experiences, as well as incorporating events that may be paranormal, spiritual, religious, etc. This information is then molded into episodes of discovery through a fictional plot. The fictional plot, however, has to be plausible given the information provided by the research.


This is in very much the same way a thesis can be designed to contemplate the probability (not the possibility) of the situation or situations that can happen due to and supported by the research established. 

The product of this theory or thesis is then called the Mookie. The Mookie is then given a title: In this case, OFF WORLD. 

Being that an Amuechi is highly probable based on the research and theory/thesis, it is looked upon that the work (Amuechi) is more fact than is fiction...which is the reverse of a parable or a moral. 

The Amuechi is a concept-driven device of understanding instead of an object driven storyline or a judgmental/ morally based storyline.




microphoneAbout Shows / Broadcast:

Basically our shows break down into two categories. Some people have looked at these two categories as Yin and Yang principles.

One of the categories deals with the way we make a living and the way we use business and our talents to achieve a better life. While the other show deals more with how we are intertwined with everything that surrounds us.

The first of the two is called BIBX. The second one is called ESO-Life.


bibx logo 001About BIBX:

BIBX stands for Business in a Box. This show deals with the psychological and emotional empowerment of the self and includes the ability to be innovative in producing revenue or a lifestyle that you desire. It uses a real and an honest business structure in order to explore the ability that you normally might not be able to have or explore due to the lack of education, lack of motivation, or lack of finances to try to do something that would create any type of revenue in your life. So although it's part of the story, the business model is actually very real - and so is the advice!


esolife transparent brand.3About ESO-Life:

This might be the more complicated of the two storylines. It involves a lot of inner thinking, inner contemplation, and the ability to accept all things as a possibility until one discovers for themselves whether they are viable resources of information or not.




The Broadcast is Also Broken Down Into These Segments:

  • OOC: Out of Character
  • PreLoaded: Out of Character analysis of the script and its meaning
  • Premise: (In character) narrative about the story
  • MemJoggers: (In character): a multi-point view broadcast usually lasting 45 minutes
  • BrainSnax: (In character): a single point of view broadcast usually lasting no more than 10 minutes
  • AfterMath: (In character/ out of character): question-and-answer sessions



Broadcast Concepts and Models: 

  • OFF-World: (Online) graphic novel of the storyline
  • BIBX: (In character) analysis of how one can create an actual business and become successful
  • ESO-Life: (In character) analysis of how to achieve inner goals, inner peace, and spirituality
  • The B.O.E.K.: (Online) written material based on the research found while creating the Amuechi
  • NSA6: (Online) research and collaborative projects for individuals wishing to begin a business




QandAsGot Questions?

Got questions? We have answers! Click here.

iNet Community: We have created an entire community based around learning through the use of the Amuechi titled OFF-World.





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