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Thank you for becoming part of the resistance. You are humanity's last hope.


Novism Synergy Alliances and Become The Source work together to bring you the best experience possible. In order to do so, we needed to understand that people are part of society as well as individuals. We have broken down our Social Media Channels, our WebSites, Knowledgebases, Forums, Training, Projects, Sales and Services, as well as other important information that can help you become the person that you want to become. 


From the beginning, we understood that the experience of living and being successful was about more than just the money you make, the people you hang out with and so on. However, we also learned that to become the best version of yourself, it was going to take the type of education that public systems were not willing to show or teach. 


microphoneAbout Shows / Broadcast:

Basically our shows break down into two categories. Some people have looked at these two categories as Yin and Yang principles.

One of the categories deals with the way we make a living and the way we use business and our talents to achieve a better life. While the other show deals more with how we are intertwined with everything that surrounds us.

The first of the two is called BIBX. The second one is called ESO-Life.

 bibx logo 001About BIBX:

BIBX stands for Business in a Box. This show deals with the psychological and emotional empowerment of the self and includes the ability to be innovative in producing revenue or a lifestyle that you desire. It uses a real and an honest business structure in order to explore the ability that you normally might not be able to have or explore due to the lack of education, lack of motivation, or lack of finances to try to do something that would create any type of revenue in your life. So although it's part of the story, the business model is actually very real and so is the advice.

The Broadcast is Also Broke Down Into These Segments:

  • OOC: Out of Character
  • PreLoaded: Out of Character analysis of the script and its meaning
  • Premise: (In character) narrative about the story
  • MemJoggers: (In character): a multi-point view broadcast usually lasting 45 minutes
  • BrainSnax: (In character): a single point of view broadcast usually lasting no more than 10 minutes
  • AfterMath: (In character/ out of character): question-and-answer sessions

QandAsGot Questions?

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iNet Community: We have created an entire community based around learning through the use of the Amuechi titled OFF-World.


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