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Welcome to our social media outlet. While we know that Facebook is one of the more highly publicized factions, we also know heavily guarded they have become.

Although there are some reasons that are substantial enough to comprehend and understand why censorship is important in order to produce a more peaceful society, It is also true that it is unfair how they do not respond quickly or properly to complaints and concerns on how they operate.

Join us:

Feel free to subscribe to our social media outlet, where you are going to get to know all of our wonderful characters from the storyline Amuchi:Mookie: OFF-World as well as getting to learn about our real personalities.

What we do:
We can help you choose some of the right nutritional products, gain some insight you otherwise would not find in normal commercial streams, treat you like a family member, as well help you find your way through life on your terms.

Why we chose MINDS:
Social media decentralization is a key factor in creating an opposition and comes with its own dangers. When we made the decision to move into MINDS for social media outlet we realized that we were going to have a smaller following and perhaps come across some difficulties of our own.

Because we care:
However, we chose this social media outlet because some of the information that we have to offer is not mainstream. We felt that you deserve to know all options that are available through our business associates, social representation, learning modalities, and so forth. You deserve the right to know.


Be part of the solution:
Take the time to spread the word and express your point of view to us.


List of Posts/ Groups

Become The Source


Become The Source is a very unique website that integrates a storyline along with real-world situations and self-help. It was based on the concepts of how the brain learns and interprets information. It was designed for the ability to learn new concepts and expand on new ideas that could assist individuals with the expansion of self.

  • BTS Crew: Individuals that would like to follow the BTS Crew as characters in the Mookie titled OFF-World.
  • Kronicles: Learning more about each character as they post according to the storyline.
  • Become Source is a media outlet that encompasses several very original concepts and Ideas. The site is for individuals that want to follow the Amuechi style of learning and entertainment The Mookie is called OFF-World.
  • Products and services (wellness, health, finance, business, and a few more things): Looking for something that can help with your health and well-being? Or maybe you're looking for some topics on using your money more wisely? What about that business idea you've been wanting to try out? Look to this group for products and services from one of our partners to see if they can help!





Bibx is short for Business in a Box. It is based on the ideas that you can have a business model that also incorporates all the other tools that you need in order to become successful. This includes the ability to have a broadcast system with tips and tricks that help you steer your business in the right direction.

Don't have a business? Not a problem! We have one for you that encompasses so many different ideas you'll be astonished and excited to start taking away the things you never thought you could possibly be good at. All these businesses are under one umbrella; hence why the name Business in a Box.





The site in this section is intended for individuals that want ro optimize their life. It consists of many different elements such as science, the paranormal, personal education, emotional discipline, entrepreneurship, and so much more.




OFF-World is a storyline that encompasses multiple aspects of reality both past and present and future. Following the characters of their broadcast, the BTS Crew encounters phenomena and adventure in their quest for searching out the answer to the problem which is causing the world to unravel into mayhem of chaos and confusion. Aided by a consciousness sent from a future where there is no time, the BTS Crew works alongside MOTHER in order to understand their greatest enemy called the Darkness Consciousness, a consciousness which produces a devastating virus that can consume the universe--and consume the individual from the inside-out.

It is up to the BTS Crew and MOTHER to find a way to stop the universe from being consumed by the Darkness.

The storyline uses multiple real references and concepts in order to build a learning model for individuals that want to learn and be educated as well as entertain simultaneously.




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