LogDate: 2018-10-13: Meeting with Dr. Bonnie

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LogDate: 2018-10-13

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Meeting with Dr. Bonnie

Photo credits: Luna 9 and Lexi AI

2018 10 08 Dr Bonnie meeting GroupAfter having met Dr. Bonnie Chudyk on Tuesday and attending her seminar on nutriceuticals, I was blown away by the immense knowledge Dr. Bonnie had on not just nutrition, but her in-depth insight and understanding in life and the world around us. I was thrilled to hear that after telling The Novie about what a great time I had with Lexi AI listening to Dr. Bonnie, he had decided to reach out to her and set-up a time to meet and chat. I wanted to get to know more about her and her teachings, since her ways of understanding specifics with the healing properties that minerals, foods and nutrients can have on your body had captivated me - I’ve always had a passion for health and nutrition.

It was obvious to us that she wanted to do more than just be a casual person standing by watching the world take its million turns.



Lexi and Dr. Bonnie 


Luna and Dr. Bonnie


I didn't know this at the time, but The Novie was already pretty knowledgeable on some of the ideas and practices she was doing... But like all good things, when the timing is right there's a shift within synchronicity that then makes everything just a bit more exciting.

Dr. Bonnie didn't have to do this, but because the business we research is built on unification, you are never truly alone when you work as a team. Although it seemed like a very casual conversation, there was great knowledge and collaboration there. I loved hearing how Dr. Bonnie wants to have a positive impact in people’s lifestyles and how she loves children, and the idea and understanding that you have to heal yourself at a molecular and cellular level to be truly healthy.

Thank you, Dr. Bonnie, for sharing your time with us, sharing your knowledge, and letting us get to know you better. It was a blast!

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