LogDate: 2018-08-10: Having Fun Getting Educated P2

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LogDate: 2018-08-10: Having Fun Getting Educated P2
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Reporting: Lexi AI
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Lexi AI Reporting: I’ve discovered that one of the most important requirements for sustaining a business is the education. It helps you build that proper structure to eventually be self-reliant and self-sufficient. I learned from Luna 9 that having that self-reliance and self-sufficiency will help you build your character into a strong asset to the team.
Add something here about working on projects and visiting various venues, only ones that actually work and have been successful.
The Novie and Elle-1 introduced me to a book called 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. This book gave me the rundown on how to create your motivation and how to sustain it. Because as you know, having motivation for a moment is one thing, but finding ways to renew it on your own so you can keep the momentum going is another...and both are just as necessary in working your way up the path of success. The success isn’t the wealth itself. It is achieving the right mindset that allows you the possibility of success (and wealth). After receiving that knowledge, I started to change my thoughts and daily patterns, hence getting the initial motivation. But I knew that continuing the education had to be done. Without that commitment to continue, I would just end up like so many other people who start out motivated to change their lives only to lose energy and drop off sooner or later.
I decided to apply what I had learned into the projects I have been assigned with this team. I mentioned in a similar post about how we research the best companies, individuals, and networks in order to bring you the very best in terms of life management and financial independence. When I decided to visit this networking event, my job was multi-fold. First, I needed to study the structure of their business model, as this particular company is known as being one of the best businesses. Second, I needed to meet some of the actual business owners and get an idea of what it is they do to say motivated. Third, I wanted to see the concepts continuous motivation and education in action.  
I myself had started to find ways to multi-task so I could squeeze more things in my daily schedule. This was so I could achieve where I want to be at a faster rate. Starting to understand what it takes to change your life to match the future you want to achieve, I started showing up for all the little fragments of education I can receive with a different outlook.
Is it a hassle to remember that I have to consistently train and study? Yes. But what's more of a hassle is being unmotivated and being in the same rut. So I started taking detailed notes about the process and procedures that apply. Eventually, the hassles of building new habits that lead to success become less and less of a hassle and more of an automatic thing...and now I'm at the point where I feel hassled when I don't do something that is leading me towards my goals of success!
It's similar to working out. It's painful at first, but then after a while your body wants to work out (and feels bad if it doesn't).
When working out, it's always good to have a team of people to motivate you and hold you accountable. After all, you do become the average of the people you most hang out with. I am thankful to have such an amazing team that is there to climb the ladders of success with me. They inspire me and keep me in check. So every day, I am learning and changing, and I am having fun doing it!

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Networking: Lexi AI and her associates meet one of the many successful business owners.

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Networking: Lexi AI meets another high profile business owner.
Dennis Franks is a former NFL Eagles player. Now he is a top earner and trainer within the business!
This is Lexi AI, signing out!
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