LogDate: 2018-09-24: Gaby Registers as a Business Owner

2018 09 22 Living Room Meetign

photo by Luna 9

2018 09 22 Luna 9 and Gabby because Busienss can be fun 002LogDate: 2018-09-24
Declassisfied: M.O.T.H.E.R.
Meeting and Registering Gaby
Report: Luna 9
photo by Luna 9

Another day, another business owner joining our team! After another business presentation with some guests, we are happy to introduce the newest member of our team,

2018 09 22 Lexi AI talking to Gabby pre registering 001Gaby! (I made sure to tag her later on social media because that's how she rolls)! Gaby is a fabulous 19 year old Ecuadorian young lady with her life ahead of her, and she is so excited about getting started with this dynamic opportunity,. Of course, we’re here to help her every step of the way! Lexi AI registered her last night after some nice conversation, way to grow Lexi! The Novie and Elle-1 were there also to support and present alongside with me, as we just love teaming up!! Happy Growing !!! 

 —  Overall, I'm feeling pretty accomplished!
photo by Luna 9
edited by E1 2019-01-24