LogDate: 2018-08-09: Having Fun Getting Educated P1

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LogDate: 2018-08-09: Having Fun Getting Educated P1

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Photo credits: Luna 9, Lexi AI, and BTS team members

Reporting: Lexi AI

An Invitation to a Big Event: The big day had finally arrived, my first International Convention. Luna 9 invited me to come along with her this year. Luna 9 and the rest of the team made it a point to follow the principle of being in the business of finding out. I already knew the value of this concept. But still, I wanted to see someone else's perspective about researching certain companies, since I already had my opinions. So Alex was the first person that came to mind, a business-oriented guy. I invited him to join the two of us. We met up in the parking lot of the networking event, at Greensboro Coliseum. After introducing Luna 9 and Alex to each other, we started making our way to the front entrance.

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As we walked in, I took it all in. My mind was blown away. The tall ceilings, all the people there from all over the world...and the energy! I looked over at Alex to try and capture his expression, only to witness excitement and joy wiped across his face. I then looked over at Luna 9, who's been to numerous conventions, seminars, and other networking events. She's a pro, I thought. She's probably seen it all. But she had the same expression as well! That told me right then and there, these events are a big deal. We walked around for some time checking out the different booths and rooms set up. They had their various areas of business, all of them best-sellers here and abroad.

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We finally made it inside the arena to listen to the Top people/trainers within the business, including the CEO. Every presenter pleasantly surprised me because they all offered advice and ideas that I had not thought. To me, this is another reason to always be open-minded. Expectations create limitations, which can distort your understanding of the bigger picture. The bigger picture indeed finally clicked in my head! After Day 1 of this event, I reviewed Alex on his experience and his first time learning about the business. He replied that he was very impressed and would like to come join us for Day 2!! That was really exciting news. Today was a success and I'm ready for tomorrow and where the wind takes us.

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photo by Luna 9

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Meeting: Bonnie Hunter and Jessica Hunter.

Top people/trainers in the Business.







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