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About iNet Community

Who Are We? - We are the Solution!


iNet Community is a community of funded volunteers that have been working for several years assisting other individuals online gain the structure and understanding which is needed in order to be successful online.

Our services are free to individuals all over the world.




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What We Do:


We assist individuals in learning how to monetize their abilities so that creative freedoms can continue on the Web. 
As we already know, multi-level marketing companies have monopolized the economy since the empowerment of Corporations.


We know today that the internet was once a military function called ARC Net.

We also know that diamonds are actually not as scarce or rare as we once believed.

We understand how the media and news have interfered and collaborated with large corporations, who in turn censor what can be said.


Empowering Social Media


Libraries are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more books and paper records are becoming available digitally.

The power of social media has grown in many ways.

The news media is having difficulty maintaining their censorship of world events, and people are becoming more inclined to peaceful resolution as they continue to understand each other across the world.


Simultaneously, e-Commerce has become the number one method of sales. So much so that other countries such as China and Hong Kong are now able to sell directly to the end consumer straight from their mom and pop stores.

The iNet Community has researched over 500 of the most lucrative e-Commerce and Social Media environments are known to the current industry, in order to assist the empowerment of you becoming the best YOU that there is!

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How Are We Different? 


Have you ever heard of someone working to help you with your business and asking for no payment in return?

We, for the most part, have been taught that sharing is cheating because you are not helping someone else grow.

We have been taught that you should be compensated for your work.


Well, think about this. There is a little-known fact, that has been shrouded in mystery, about ancient Egypt: There were NO slaves.


" Egypt would pay individuals with a place to stay and a life-sustaining element called Beer. The Beer contained nutrients which were filling, filled with the correct nutrients, and therefore life-giving. They also gave water and shelter and compensation in wages.

It wasn't until later that an order of priests began to sabotage the society by removing the Esoteric lifestyle, and started the separation and limitation of information to their known population.

Up until recently, business models have followed a pyramid tier of levels of payment where the man up top makes the money and the decisions." 

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Today, We are Faced with a New Economy:


Manufacturers are turning to Social Media with the same tactics of giving you pennies for the work that you do and love to share.

For example, you may be paid for a single click anywhere from $0.10 to $1.25 when you are showing off your skills. You get this monetization when your viewer, the one that you are working to provide a service to, decides to click away from your show to view another ad.

The pre-roll ads that happen are another way for YouTubers to get paid on the channel that the pre-roll ad runs. These pre-roll ads can pay anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00, depending on how much money they offer to YouTube. You don't control these ads, is the problem. Rather, they control you. This should relieve some of the guilt you feel when your viewers complain about commercials.


But what if you DID have control of these ads? What if you made more money for these ads that you choose? And what if your loyal viewers didn't need to click away? And what if, we can teach you to do this for free? 


What if, you can be who you wanted to be, through an internet community we call the iNet Community, powered by a revolutionary economy we call Revolec?


What if all you had to do was be the person you were meant to be and get paid for it, without fear that your sponsor is going to quit if you say the wrong thing? What if you were part of an organization that would teach you to become successful?


What would happen if you click on our Registration button so that you can learn how to earn thousands of more dollars for what you are already doing through Self-Sponsoring?  This is what iNet community is known for.


We work for you for free so you can make money and do what you do best.


When Bill Gates stated that he would have a laptop on every single desktop, the world laughed.


Think about where you would be if you were the one to have invested in Microsoft.


We know and understand that change, if not held onto at the correct moment, will pass you by, taking away the golden opportunity of growth and financial freedoms.


Freedoms that are right at your fingertips.

Become a CyberCitizen and become part of the iNet Community, and learn what freedom really means.