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What is the BTS Federation?

BTS is committed to assisting in personal development and assisting in the learning method and helping others become the best of themselves. 

In order to accomplish this mission, we realized we needed different items of concern. It has taken a small team of individuals over seven years to compile all of the software, knowledge, and associations needed in order to begin this project. Throughout the seven years, these individuals have worked long hours as well as their own jobs and contributed their own money in order for this project to be presented before you. The conglomeration of all of the software, links, learning modules, knowledgebase, processes and procedures that are now being shared, are all part of that federation.

We've broken it down into multiple websites. Depending on which website you visit, you will see these concepts and subjects:

  1. An understandable structure that is written out
  2. Modular conceptual understanding and knowledge
  3. Business media, tools, support, training
  4. Business strategies on how to start your business with us
  5. Business Project Lines: DynexSM Project, Social Media Sponsorships, The DynexSM Revenue Challenge  
  6. Product Lines: Wellness, Beauty, Weight Management, Longevity, Cosmetics, Full Body Care and Optimal Health, Skin Care, etc. 
  7. Amuechi: Storyline and written journals from character POVs 
  8. Personal Growth articles and concepts, along with practical applications to make real change 
  9. Spiritual concepts and learning
  10. Paranormal Research
  11.  Knowledgebases
  12. Social media platforms
  13. Chat
  14. Funding


Cyber Locations are also known as websites and resources that help you find information on our topics. Become the Source is part of the Federation.


Novism Synergy Alliances: (Business) 

Novism Synergy Alliances is mostly considered the business venture or the entrepreneurs' part of the Federation.

It focuses on the idea that everyone can benefit from having a home business. This is to include tax compensation for the W-2 wages that you receive.

Business in a Box, or Bibx, although performed still within the characters of the Amuechi titled OFF-World, is a no-nonsense approach on how individuals can benefit from companies that offer a separate stream of income that does not require you to quit your day job.

The website itself allows you to understand and comprehend the tips and tricks to make it all worthwhile, and includes a knowledgebase, and a step-by-step guide on how you can work within a team which includes the members of Bibx.



Become The Source:

Probably the most confusing to understand within the Federation. At first glance, it appears to be a group of individuals that are sharing insight and knowledge. But if you listen closely to all the broadcasts, including the ones for business, establishing wealth, establishing health, mental readiness, emotional intelligence, and so many more, you realize that they stem from this one particular title called Become The Source.

And that's because Become the Source was the original project which funded classes and courses in the center of cities and suburbs in order to assist individuals to broaden their point of view in business, financial gains, mental awareness, and breaking habits which sabotage growth.

It was not until late 2010 when the division for creating separate categories of learning and providing products and services was started. This movement started the Federation, and Become the Source became the symbol for M.O.T.H.E.R. Information Desimination, which means the ability to broadcast vital information that is not learned in the mainstream.  


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 The projects are made possible by the contributions of those who made this project self-funded.


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